Ten tips for getting through your day job, while building your own business!


Being in a job that you don’t enjoy can really suck – if you’re stuck there due to bills, rent, and debt, it can seem sometimes like there’s no light at the end of the tunnel, figuratively speaking.

And if you’re wanting to start a new business on the side (which eventually might replace your full-time day job), sometimes that can be a little tricky to balance with a day job, especially a very time-consuming one – but it can be done!

In my case, I had a crazy, two-hour, crowded commute, in a complaints department, and with bills, rent, food, and a wedding to pay for, just straight-up quitting wasn’t an option – I needed to keep the money coming in while figuring out a plan to move forward. So for me, the goal initially was to move into a less stressful, less time-consuming job, on a better wage, closer to home, so that I’d still have money coming in while freeing up time to begin building my own business.

I wanted to take the time in this post, to share some small things I did that helped me to get through the days when I was feeling depressed, angry, and fatigued at my previous job.

I made a lunch bag for myself full of good healthy food to take to work, plus I always made sure I had a nice breakfast – because my commute often meant that I arrived at work well before the sun came up, I’d take my breakfast to work, sneak upstairs while the office space was empty, make my breakfast, pull up a chair to the windowsill, and eat breakfast while watching the sun rise from fifteen storeys up.

I listened to music I liked on the way to and from work, to lift my mood and shift my focus away from work (usually something gentle and soothing on the way to work, and something more upbeat on the way home)

I had a small treat, like the giant smoothie from my favourite smoothie place, whenever I’d had an extremely bad day (if you’re ever in Melbourne CBD, check out Five Plus Smoothie – I recommend the Choc-Mint smoothie in the largest size they have. They also let customers draw in the guest sketchbooks, which I love!)

I did a three-minute calming meditation in the car before I went indoors and interacted with anyone at home (this was really important, because I’d been responding to often quite hostile customers all day long, sometimes when I’d finish work I’d feel rather angry – and it isn’t fair to the people you love to storm in through the front door shouting expletives and hurling your things across the room like an Olympic shot-putter)

I did yoga and had a warm shower once I put all my stuff away at home, then if I had a spare moment, I set an alarm and had a little power nap (anything from 20mins to 2 hours, depending on how tired I was that day and how much free time I had when I got home). I also did a tougher workout every three days, that lifted both my heart rate and my mood :)

I made a conscious effort to spend time with family and loved ones while at home, just decompressing and hanging out, having a few laughs. I feel like this particular tip is especially important – a loving support network can help a ton, talking things out and listening to how things are going for others around you helps to give a bit a of perspective, and it reminds us that everyone goes through some bad shit at work (and in life) once in a while – you’re not alone

I enrolled in a Diploma of Business via online learning, to build my skills. When I signed up there was the small thought the next day that maybe I’d taken on more than I could handle, but I ended up loving the course and doing extremely well, people told me I was crazy to try and manage it with a full-time job, but I stuck it out and graduated earlier this year. I studied with BSchool Australia – here’s the link if you’d like to check out their courses: http://www.bschool.edu.au/

I read on the train during my commute, whether it was printed books, iBooks, or audio books. In two years I realised looking back through my iBooks, that I’d read around 10-15 books each year just while commuting. In the process, I also discovered that I really liked business and motivational books in the non-fiction genre!

I devoted 30 mins a day to looking for a new job and sending out resumes (which I thought was pointless at first, but I stuck it out until it became a habit). When an interview came up, I took a day off and went to it.

I mind-mapped business ideas, even though at the time, my spare time was quite scarce, I knew that once I had those ideas on paper I could always come back to them :)

Moving on from this job seemed impossible at first, but through continuous small actions, repeated over several months, I was eventually able to hand in my resignation notice, go out on great terms, and move on to an awesome, less-stressful job, only a few minutes from home, that gave me a lot of free time to complete my studies, and really get stuck into building my own business.

The key is to take action.

If this post has helped you in some way, I’d love to hear about it!

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  1. November 8, 2016 / 1:35 pm

    Great blog! I did the same kind of thing and then left. Still working toward my own business while surviving on some contracts. I am going to try and forward this onto another friend in the same situation.

    • November 8, 2016 / 8:48 pm

      Thanks Kerri! Great to hear you’re working towards your own business. Hope this article might help your friend too! ☺️💕

  2. January 23, 2017 / 7:23 am

    Amazing and motivational post. Thank you for posting this.

    My Honey & Co.

    • January 24, 2017 / 12:01 pm

      Thank you Salina! I’m glad you liked it! :)

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