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Earlier this year, when I started this site, I created a Facebook group for Beehive Bespoke!

For a long time, it was just me, creating and posting on my own. Recently, however, I began working on growing my Facebook group under the tutelage of the lovely Jordana Jaffe, and in the space of only two days, my group began to grow, and new members began to join!

Beehive Bespoke Community is a group focused around sewing and styling! If you’re into gothic, bohemian, mystical, and historical fashion, and love to sew, you might like this group (and I’d love to see you there!).

The community I’m creating is a positive environment founded in the spirit of friendship, diversity, and creativity, and I’m really hoping to grow it into something amazing.

This group is for you if you’re into:

♡ Sewing endeavours with gothic, bohemian, mystical or historical leanings – this is a place where sharing your work is encouraged – talk shop, get feedback, brainstorm, network, collaborate, and get your work noticed by others

♡ Goal setting, vision-boarding, mind-mapping, brainstorming, and proactively building a creative business

We also have theme days for every day of the week!

mondayMONDAY: Makers unite! It’s Maker Monday! Whether it’s something you made years ago, and never got a chance to share, or something you made only moments ago, share your finished work in this awesome thread!


TUESDAY: Tag Tuesday! Know someone amazing who loves crafts, and might like to be a part of this group? Tagging is a great way to say “I saw this, and thought of you!”. This is the thread to tag those lovely friends that you’d like to see in this group – new members are always welcome!


WEDNESDAY: Work-In-Progress Wednesday, also known as ‘WIP Wednesday’, focuses specifically on sharing in-progress projects! I’ve always loved hearing about other’s work, and the stories behind their pieces. If you like Maker Monday, you’ll love this thread!


THURSDAY: Thrift Thursday is one of my favourite threads! In this world of fast fashion, I always seem to find myself heading to the op-shop instead – I love the fact that I’m reusing and recycling, and the chance to give a pre-loved piece a new lease of life. This thread is all about sharing your most recent thrifted find (and the often amazing stories that go with them!)


FRIDAY: Fashion Friday! This thread is THE spot to share mood boards, croquis books, fashion illustrations, OOTDs, and photos of fashion that inspires or influences you. It’s one of the most creative threads in the group and I always look forward to seeing others comments!


SATURDAY: Social Saturday is all about getting to know the other members in the group, make friends, and share a little something about yourself! Your next sewing friend could turn up in this thread, so it’s a great one to watch (and comment in), if you like meeting like-minded people.


SUNDAY: Spirit Sunday! This might be a sewing group, but I also think it’s very important to have a break from work every so often, and do something that renews your spirit. This beautiful thread is the place to share something that’s helped you (spiritually or physically) with others ♡

If you’ve liked this post and are interested in joining the Beehive Bespoke Community, visit:











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