Many years ago, I lived in a suburban coastal area, and walked to and from work along the beach. My favourite thing about that time was not only the walk, but more specifically, the walk in winter. There was something about that very bracing, icy sea breeze, and a completely deserted beach, that was very addictive. On the really overcast, not-so-windy days, I used to collect sea urchin shells (which I still have almost ten years later), and go wading in my gumboots. Half the time my gumboots would get flooded, because I thought it’d be hilarious to see how far I could wade out before they filled with water. I also used to see the sand-moving machine come along every so often – back then, there was a machine that went along the beach every week, moving all the sand from one end of the beach to the other. My pretend theory was that it only came out in winter, and hibernated in summer.