This is the result of an experiment I attempted, with picking a colour I liked and creating a collage around variations of it. There’s a curious inspiration story behind this. Remember the film ‘Return to Oz’? (awesome ‘Wizard of Oz sequel’ from the 80’s, it’s got this ethereal, dark steampunk/post-apocalyptic-Oz vibe about it, if you loved ‘Labyrinth’ and ‘The Neverending Story’, definitely check it out). Anyway, in the film, the friends Dorothy is travelling with are unwillingly transformed into green objects by The Gnome King, and scattered about his collection of objets d’art. To get her friends back, Dorothy has to touch a green object in the collection, and say “Oz”. Except, here’s the thing: she gets only a few guesses, there are hundreds of items in the collection, and she has no idea when she starts that her friends are green objects, she’s told they could be anywhere…



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